Harcourt Outlines Vended Pencils

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Harcourt Outlines carries #2 lead wood case pencils in many styles and selections that can be vended through our free loan pencil vending machines. You can purchase novelty packages that include such pencils as the money pencil, animal designs, cars and truck designs. Also available are color changing pencils, paw print pencils, glitz pencils and scented pencils. The ever popular professional sports pencils which include the NFL, NBA, NFL and the NBA Stars are available as individual series or a combination of all. Help celebrate the holidays with our Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine, St. Patrick and Easter pencils. Promote your school name in your school colors with your mascot or logo at no extra charge.

Mechanical Pencils

BIC mechanical pencils are Harcourt’s #1 selling mechanical pencil for our Free Loan mechanical pencil vending machine dispensing mechanical pencils for $.50 each. These come in an assorted package with colorful barrels. Also available are the sports mechanicals which include the NFL, NBA and MLB teams and the novelty combo assortment. All of these mechanicals are 0.7mm size with #2 lead.

Pencil Grips

Students love Harcourt’s assortment of pencil grips that are vended through the $.25 Free Loan vending machine. The assortment comes with glitter grips, pet grips, foam twist and ribbed foam grips. These are available in individual series also.